Monitor your Sales Reps Calendars - "Sales Outreach Tracker"

  • 24 March 2020
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As our sales team grows I want to make sure the loop between Sales and Marketing is closed. It’s important for me to know how meetings with prospects went from marketing efforts that my team and I did.

I wanted to make it easiest for my Sales team to not have to input data into a CRM and I didn’t want to have to remind myself ot bug them in Slack. So I created a bot that will monitor a sales reps calendar, look specifically for intro meetings with prospects, and then reach out to the sales rep after the meeting to ask them a few questions (in Slack or in email, whichever they prefer).

I’m still putting the finishing touches on it, but so far it’s been great for all parties! Would any other marketing or Sales Managers find this use case valuable?

1 reply

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This is really cool, @MaxwellChen! It’s hard enough to get sales folks to continually go into their CRM and update conversation notes, opportunity stages, etc. for every prospect interaction they have.

This is a very low-lift way for sales reps to provide you with the information you need. What’s even cooler about this, is Tonkean will reach out to each sales rep in a way that’s catered to each individual. Some people are more responsive in the afternoon’s via email while others are predominantly Slack users, possibly in the morning on Thursdays and Fridays. Tonkean is smart enough to know when to reach out to get the most responsiveness from people.

Thanks for sharing!