Tonkean Product Updates - August + September 2020

  • 1 October 2020
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We’re always working hard to make the Tonkean platform more powerful and easier to use. Here are a few of the big improvements we made this month.

  1. Form Builder Has A New Look
  2. Connect Multiple Communication Tools
  3. Bring Continuous Forms to Slack
  4. Live Report - Toggling Between Environments
  5. Dropdown Field Sync From Your Data Sources

New Data Sources:

  1. Amazon Kinesis
  2. Netsuite


1. Form Builder Has A New Look

Forms are the cornerstone of connecting the right information from the right people. For Makers, the new form builder has made it even easier to create and edit all of your forms.

  • A dedicated full screen provides a better experience while connecting the form seamlessly with Tonkean fields.

  • Form preview enables building and editing the form layout visually in real-time.

  • New and improved font, colors, and design that’s much easier on the eyes!

Two separate tabs for Settings and Builder, with live previewing

2. Connect Multiple Communication Sources

You can now send messages across multiple teams by configuring multiple communication sources like Slack, and Microsoft Teams. No longer are you forced to stay in one Slack instance, add as many as you’d like to make sure that wherever and whatever platform your colleagues are living in, Tonkean can find and connect with them.

Multiple Slack & Teams instances in one Project

3. Bring Continuous Forms to Slack

Slack forms were lacking some of the capabilities we support in web forms, like being able to bring up form after form, depending on the answers that your user selected. You’re now able to have that same web-form functionality, right in Slack!

Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Supporting all types of data fields

  • ‘Continuous Forms’ capabilities - allow presenting multiple forms one after another based on conditions set in the Ops Module.

New calendar view, along with continuous pop-up forms based on logic you define


4. Live Report - Toggling Between Environments

Today's Live Report shows a mix of items from all the environments (build and production). The new capability enables you to switch between environments in the live report making it easier and cleaner to explore test items independently of production items.

New toggle in the top right to view items of both environments separately


5. Dropdown Field Sync From Your Data Sources

We’ve added the option to define continuous data import into the dropdown field options.

The displayed options for the user will be adaptive to changes according to the connected external source options. Add a value to a dropdown field in Zendesk? No problem, that value is now added to the Tonkean field values without you needing to do anything!

Syncing values directly from the Salesforce field into a Tonkean field


New Data Sources

  1. Amazon Kinesis

  2. Netsuite

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