Tonkean Feature Updates - June 2020

  • 13 July 2020
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What’s new in June?


We’re always working hard to make the Tonkean platform more powerful and easier to use. Here are a few of the big improvements we made this month.

  1. History UI Redesign
  2. Encrypted Fields
  3. Continuous Forms
  4. Conditions Redesign
  5. Import Form Answers


Redesign History



After: The new design of our module’s history page makes it clearer and much easier to investigate module flow runs.


Encrypted fields

Before: The ability to pass sensitive information wasn’t supported.

After: We added the ability for custom data sources to encrypt data to support operations that involve sensitive information. 

How does it work?

  1. First, define what fields from your custom data source are sensitive and require encryption.

  2. To forward the data outside Tonkean in the original form, use the decrypt formula inside an HTTP action.



Continuous Forms

Before: A submitted form could open another form only on a separate page.

After: We added a new ability that allows opening forms one after another on the same page. You can decide to open the next form immediately after the submission or make conditions based on the first form’s answers or any other module fields.

How does it work?

  • Create two update forms.

  • Add ‘send update form’ action and select the first form you wish to send.

  • Right after it adds ‘when form answered’ logic, select the second form, and set it to be opened on the same page.

After the first form is being submitted, the second form is opened:cf7PXggyYbWW3YDdTVcgN1QLUALoDHKd2qVAgfdNjribyHC-cmAbb60IDqs6qtOwC1ycyU49WH_EH-RnHertKH7xS948VqaRNSZ4IYVlUp8adudpACwmqg81cEo7iLcU8P5G5f7D

Conditions Redesign




The brand new conditions design makes it easier to define, edit, and read the preconfigured relationship between condition parts. Furthermore, we added a new ability to give a name for business units that are part of the condition. For example, the use case below contains a group of conditions that represent an unrestricted user.

Import Form Answers

Before: Users could fill-in forms answers only manually.

After: We added the ability to import data from a CSV file into the ‘Collect inner items’ form type. Now users who fill in tabular forms can save time and effort by importing data into Tonkean forms.

How does it work?

  1. When a ‘Collect Inner Items’ type of form is being sent, the user should press on the import button to fill it in.

  2. The next step: choose the required CSV file.

  3. The last step is to set up the mapping of the imported data based on the required form’s columns.




  1. ConvertToString- Will return a string representation of the value referenced.

Format: ConvertToString({Input})

Example: ConvertToString(“Please convert this to a string”)

Output: Please convert this to a string


  1. ConvertToNumber- Will return a numerical representation of the value referenced.

Format: ConvertToNumber({Input})

Example: ConvertToNumber(“123”)

Output: 123


  1. ConvertToBoolean- Will return a boolean representation of the value referenced.

Format: ConvertToBoolean({Input})

Example: ConvertToBoolean(“true”)

Output: true


  1. ConvertToDate- Will return a date representation of the value referenced.

Format: ConvertToDate({Input})

Example: ConvertToDate(“12/01/2020”)

Output: 12/01/2020


  1. ToTimestamp- Will return the Unix time value of any date/time input.

Format: ToTimestamp({Input})

Example: ToTime(Feb 10, 2020 12:00:00 AM)

Output: 1,581,285,600,000


  1. DateFormat- Will return a date representation of the value, according to the format.
    Format: DateFormat({Input}, {DateFormat}, {TimeZone})

Example: DateFormat("2/2/2020", "MM/YYYY z", “Africa/Dar_es_Salaam”)

Output: 02/2020 EAT

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