Tonkean Feature Updates - July 2020

  • 4 August 2020
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What Did We Release In July?

We’re always working hard to make the Tonkean platform more powerful and easier to use. Here are a few of the big improvements we made this month.

  1. Personalize Your Forms
  2. Newly introduced “Solutions” view
  3. New Data Sources and Data Actions


Personalize Your Forms

Easily customize and personalize your forms with the new capabilities we’ve added to the form editor.
You can now: 

  • Enrich form’s description with text from fields using an HTML editor.

  • Add your personal logo.

  • Design it with your favorite colors.

  • Use the new type of HTML fields for adding links and designing text.

  • Set a question to be a ‘View only’ to enable displaying a preview of fields.

The form editor could only basic form’s appearance with no functionalities of designing and creating a customisable web forms.

With the new capabilities we’ve added to the form editor now you can easily customise and personalize your web forms.

New color selection, logo, and HTML availability in the description
  1. Enrich form’s description - When defining the form's description you can now use all the capabilities tonkean expression provides, showing html that encapsulate values from fields and complex data extractions and manipulations.

  2. Add your personal logo - At the advanced settings in the ‘Create Form’ editor you’ll find the option to enter your logo URL that will be displayed at the top of your created form.

  3. Design it with your favorite colors - At the advanced settings you can choose two different colors to perform as a primary color and as a secondary color.

  4. Set value to be ‘View only’ - After selecting the field for the form’s question, you can choose whether you want the user to provide an answer or just give him a non-editable preview of your field.

  5. Set to hide or show the Question’s title - You can now choose for each question whether you want the form to display it’s title or hide it from the user.

  6. Use HTML fields - Create and use the new type of HTML field to allow displaying links and a designed customized text.



We added a new business layer to Tonkean called a “Solution” which represents an end to end business operation process that includes multiple different modules that together achieve the desired business value. Each solution has its own group of makers that are allowed to build modules within the solution. This adds even more permissions and individual user control over how to solve your business processes for your entire company.


No ability to organize or ensure structured user permission to modules



New Data Source

ServiceNow:  You can now collect Incidents and you can create new or update existing ones.


New Data Actions

1. Sendgrid:

  • Create new contact

  • Add a contact to a list

2. Salesforce:

  • Create a new record for any of your objects (custom and standard)

  • Add campaign member - you can now add a Lead or a Contact to specific Campaign

  • Comment on Chatter Feed items

3. Docusign:

  • Create a new envelope without choosing a template (make sure that the status is ‘created’ so it will be a draft)

  • Add a document to an envelope from Storage or URL (max size is 5MB)

  • Add recipients to the envelope (in case you didn’t do it while creating the envelope)

  • If you have a draft envelope with a template or an uploaded document and you’ve defined the recipients, you can now send the envelope for signing automatically.


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