Tonkean Feature Update — October 2019

  • 13 March 2020
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Tonkean Feature Update — October 2019

This month we focused on giving you more power to work with unstructured communication like email, chat, and files. Tonkean can now do more within Intercom, email, and Google Drive! Here’s how these features can augment your workflows.

Forms in Intercom

When using Intercom, switching tabs to update spreadsheets, tickets, and other documents is a hassle. This new feature allows you to fill out a form in Intercom (for feature requests, support requests, etc.) and have Tonkean automatically take action with that information. Examples of this include Google Drive actions (updating a sheet), updating a Zendesk ticket, creating inner tracks with Tonkean, doing actions within Intercom itself, and more!

Storing Email Attachments

If your team’s inbox receives a high volume of emails with attachments, it can be frustrating to look through them for a file previously sent. Tonkean can now automatically post all file attachments to a predefined folder in Google Drive, meaning no more hunting through emails to find the right file! They’re all stored in places you’ve predefined.

Group Email Messaging Alerts

When an alert needs to be sent to a group of people or team, email notifications or questions can now be addressed to multiple people in a single email thread, instead of with individual emails. This allows your team to continue the discussion in one place after being notified.

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