Release Notes - 2021 Q3

  • 17 November 2021
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New Features

Solutions Studio

  • Field label - Added the option to define a field’s display label for end users in the following screens and functions: business reports, scheduled reports, forms, and My Items box.
  • The following new formulas were added:
    • Encode to Base64
    • Decode to Base64
    • Is Boolean
    • Is Date
    • Is Number
    • Array Index Of
    • Date Difference


  • Form builder - Updated the color options to allow separate colors for background, buttons, and titles.
  • Updated file upload on forms to be optional.
  • Added the option to use Create Inner Items form within another form.
  • Added the option to define a form’s title or hide the title.

Enterprise Components

Training Sets

  • NLP training sets - New type of training set that allow actions based on the content derived from NLP.

Business Reports

  • Solution report - A new report type that displays data from multiple modules within a solution.
  • Shared report - Added the ability to share solution reports to Process Contributors and enable them to view or edit data.


  • Identity provider - Added the ability to sync external users and user groups from a specified identity provider using SCIM protocol (for example, OKTA).
  • Added new permissions roles:
    • System Users - Extended access to the platform
    • Process Contributors - Regular participants in the business process
  • Add the ability to configure user source, allowing users to be added manually, added from a communication source, or provisioned (as individual users or as user groups) from an identity provider.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error in which the Title for the Add data of fields to the message section could not be added to a Send Notification action.
  • Forms containing logos no longer scroll to the top upon submission.
  • Fixed an error that prevented business tags from displaying in the tag module if there are no fields.
  • Fixed an error that caused a field definition to disappear from a Send Notification action after editing.
  • Fixed an error that listed a field created by a formula as being created by a trigger in the module.
  • Relocated the submit button of Upload File forms to the right. 


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