Release Notes - 2021 Q2

  • 17 November 2021
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New Features

Solutions Studio

  • Upload Files action - Allows users to select a source and a destination storage provider.
  • Skip action - New action that skips an action block if specified conditions aren’t met.


  • Added new Upload File form, which enables users to upload files when completing forms.
  • Added the option to allow users to remain in the same platform when completing and submitting multiple forms in the same workflow.
  • Added HTML support for form descriptions.
  • Added configurable multi-line headers in a Collect Inner Items form.
  • Enabled editing of items in a Collect Inner Items form.
  • Form submission validation rules - Added customizable conditions to form answers and the option to include a warning message when the entered data doesn’t meet defined conditions.
  • Added option to allow forms to expand by default.
  • Added HTML support for Collect Inner Items forms.

Data Sources

Custom Data Sources

  • Shared credentials - Added the ability to configure and save connections to custom data sources in order to create different integrations based on these specified credentials. In addition, allow for the defining of who can connect to a data source type, which data sources one can connect to, which authentication types are allowed, and allow the creation of predefined accounts that include credentials.

Training Sets

  • Text extraction training sets - Machine learning function that allows user to “teach” Tonkean how to find and extract specified data from text files and then use that data in a module.

Business Reports

  • Business Report Access Control - Enable business report permissions access management that’s independent of module permissions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that made it possible to select an inaccessible data source in the module sync configuration.
  • Corrected an error in the field preview that displayed when the field was empty.
  • Simply opening an action in the module workflow is no longer counted as a change.
  • Fixed an error where changing an action type did not delete related fields.
  • The ability to view data table now displays whether the data related data source is working or not.
  • Fixed an error that prevented configuring data retention settings in a custom data source.
  • Fixed an error that prevented filtering done inner items in a business report.
  • Removing the “archived” status from an item now correctly returns the item to the corresponding business report.
  • Fixed an error that prevented the submission of a Create form with an incorporated button
  • Fixed an error that prevented the submission of forms in Slack containing optional fields without values.
  • The Evaluate expression in formulas now works as expected.
  • Fixed an error that caused the field history metrics on the Business Reports screen to display incorrectly. 

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