Release Notes - 2021 Q1

  • 17 November 2021
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New Features

Solutions Studio

  • The following formulas have been added:
    • Field Group Take Not Empty
    • Format Full Name
  • OCR Conversion workflow action added.


  • Users can now choose and create update forms from other modules within the same solution.
  • Collect inner items form - Add the ability to customize column names when building a collect inner items form.

Enterprise Components

Data Sources

  • Solution access - Added the ability to control data source access for specific solutions.

  • Custom data source actions - Added the ability to create custom actions for any data source, native data source, or custom data source.

  • Test actions - Added the ability to test custom actions from the Enterprise Components screen.

  • Audit logs - Added the Audit Log on the Data Source Management screen, which displays recent changes, who made the change, and a timestamp. 


  • Command and Control - Provides environment analysis and the ability to turn environments on and off as needed.
  • Background processes:
    • Invoke - Add a manual background process that enables users to invoke monitored items.
    • System - Provides visibility for monitored items triggers by scheduled triggers.

Bug Fixes

  • Added validation to prevent duplicate Slack slash commands between modules in a Tonkean board.
  • Supported adding field data in Microsoft Teams.
  • Fixed example items dropdown incorrectly displaying both environments.
  • Enabled sending people actions to custom channels in Microsoft Teams.
  • Supported the option of updating original message response in Microsoft Teams.
  • Fixed decryption of HTTP response when using an HTTP action.
  • Fixed the dropdown field not saving values of more than 500 characters.
  • Fixed an error that occurred in Microsoft Teams where only the person who selected a response button could see the response.
  • Fixed an error where module notifications were not displaying correctly in Microsoft Teams.
  • Insert field to HTML editor was fixed.
  • Fixed an error in which the Manage Makers button was disabled for board admins.

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