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Introducing Tonkean Version Control

  • 25 March 2020
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We’re proud to announce a completely new way to create, edit, and tweak bots without having to turn existing bots off! A much safer environment to test everything before sending it to production.


What exactly does this mean?

Before version control, any edits you made to your bot (if it was turned on) would automatically be live in your production (whether you wanted to or not). This is extremely dangerous and not good practice.

We now have a specific mode called Build Mode where you can make any edits or adjustments to your bot without the worry of affecting your live production bot. Think about this as a sandbox where you can freely test changes and make adjustments without breaking anything that your real bot is doing.

Will this affect my existing bots in any way?

No. Your existing bots, whether they are turned on or off, won’t be affected. The only thing you’ll see when you open them up is this new section at the top of the bot allowing you to toggle between build mode and production.

Obviously, if you see anything that doesn’t look right on your old bots, let us know immediately (via the chat button in the bottom right) and we’ll look into it.

Cool, how does this all work?

Let’s start with defining the two environments:

  1. Build Mode - As mentioned above, this is now your sandbox. It takes an exact replica of your existing Production environment (if your bot is brand new and hasn’t been turned on before, then you won’t have a production environment). Build and tweak triggers and actions to your liking as much as you’d like in this mode. 
  2. Production - This view is your bot that is LIVE and ON. It is monitoring all the items you assigned to it from the Live Report, and any data integrations and their respective actions will be happening as you intended them to. You can NOT make any edits to the bot in this environment. It’s important to emphasize that items you see in your Live Report will only run on Production; never when on Build Mode.

One of the main reasons we created this feature was to test out bots so you’re 1000% confident that when you turn the bot on and let it loose in the wild, it will perform exactly how you want it to on our Live Report items.

Clicking the “Test” button will now be separate from any data in your Live Report. We always recommend using actual TEST records if you plan on updating data in different Data Sources so that none of your production data will be affected as you’re testing. An example of this is if your bot works with Opportunities in Salesforce, create a completely fake/test Opportunity in Salesforce and use only that record in Build Mode. 

In build mode, you’ll notice that almost every click you make will show an orange counter at the top showing you how many Changes you’ve made. Clicking on that will open up a modal giving you a complete timeline of who and what changed. You can drill down and filter by the person who made changes, and also all the triggers and actions that have been changed.


Made a mess in Build Mode and need to restart? No problem. Clicking the Revert Changes button will open up a modal showing you all the changes made, along with a red Revert button. Clicking that will erase ALL of your edits and changes and take you back to exactly what is in your production environment. Be careful with this option as it WILL delete all changes you’ve made in your sandbox.

When you’ve thoroughly tested your bot and you’re ready for it to hit production, click on the “Publish” button. When the modal pops up, it’s important for you and your team to make note of exactly what edits and changes you’ve made to the bot so that you can always reference different versions you’ve pushed. This is best practice in all software environments as a way to troubleshoot if something happens later on down the road. Make it descriptive!

That’s it! Your bot is now live, and the Production environment should reflect the changes you’ve made.

If you have questions, concerns, or seeing anything out of the ordinary, please reach out via chat over to the right, or email 

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