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  • 7 August 2020
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I am a student, now studying an introductory course in information systems. I have a task and I have chosen to be my task for your company and want to ask some questions.

1.What are the roles and objectives of the information system developed by your company?

2.Who are the users of the developed information system (who are the customers of your company)?

3.In the case of an information system offered to organizations / companies and not to private customers, refer to the Anthony model and answer the following question - an explanation of which level / s in the organization use the system, and how.

4.Based on the Porter model. Show an example of the rivalry power of an existing competitor that threatens your company. Describe the competitor and explain how he competes in your company.

5.One process performed in the information system developed by your company. Describe according to the systems approach, input and output of the process performed by the information system developed.

6.7. Indicate three reports that can be obtained from the information system developed by your company? A. Data report. B. Information report. C. Report that includes knowledge.

I hope you will answer me these questions, and you will help me greatly if you answered my questions.


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