Okta for SSO

  • 18 December 2020
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If you use Okta and want to enable your users to only login to the Tonkean platform via Okta SSO, please follow these instructions. Note, you will need to be an admin within Okta and in Tonkean to enable this feature.



  1. Supported Features

  2. Requirements

  3. Configuration Steps

  4. Notes


Supported Features 

Currently Tonkean supports only:

  • Service Provider (SP)-Initiated Authentication (SSO) Flow



Customers should have an enterprise license.

You must be configured as the enterprise owner in Tonkean to set up OIDC with Okta. 

Configuration Steps


  1. Click on your profile at the upper left side

  2. Press your organization Administration settingsvW2D9Fj7sjp3l3z2azRNrH4vYcERu8RKBcBqdMabW0IoYRo3RvUgoGEXffDojApy7_edIQldXem71RbFJ_bubC2X1JdgPY0hkecLb6uUHOAsYwtaF09JSDCxiTN0IuapyIQFQNcM

  3. Press the pencil to edit the preferred authentication method5rrreFxqCBZIQ7OxCVZBYDBRx7_LnxgiZX4u68IIuKzBXm6FaONo5I4SGyhg_N2a8VA25nVApB1HEDT0AXKTqYLZ0LhOoSNhfw102gLh4iaR-AmHPO_vkIOyNJwHLHy5V5B5rWm7

  4. Select authenticate with and choose Okta1sZYekEQdYaevnXFMQSD8MLbhJUgC5i2wxSpZ6XsWRHy39fcxaL1Bih1kot5Leijnb1kZttFDAZWUiW23Rv7mfYXiu_07zK-hH_U0za6-UcpLlCLxnJCUha9hrrBSrvPEXBhOA2u

  5. Enter your Okta url

  6. Enter the given Client Id and Client Secret when adding Tonkean in Okta

  7. Click Save.



All of your Organization users will be restricted to use Okta.

You can login using the Okta button when logging in to Tonkean


When prompted enter your Okta subdomain and Okta’s login page will popup


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